Featured on the Audiofile 2010 Year in Review!

SO pleased to say that Audiofile has included me again on their 2010 Year in Review. Thank you SO much to Audiofile for the feature.  Audiofile is also in need of donations to keep running, so please head over to their website if you can. Every little bit helps this crucial LGBTQ+ music and more program.

Happy 2011 from the This Way Out family to you and yours!
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In the first of our two traditional holiday season special programs,
with bluesy/jazzy/country/pop/rock from the personal to the whimsical
to the political, the music of Sonia & disappear fear, Ryan States,
Roger Mapes, Kevin Wong, Sean Wiggins, Avi Wisnia, Kristie Stremel and
Mike Rickard is proudly featured in the “AUDIOFILE 2010 YEAR IN REVIEW”

– As always, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender artists provided the “soundtrack” for the ongoing struggle by sexual minorities for equality around the world with an exceptional variety of gender-and-genre-bending music during the past year. And as always, limiting the artists they featured during the year to just a few was no easy task, but JD DOYLE, CHRIS WILSON, PAM MARSHALL and CHRISTOPHER DAVID TRENTHAM share eight of their favorites from the past 12 months in the “AUDIOFILE 2010 YEAR IN REVIEW”: excerpts from “Call Me Sonia” and “Pack of Newport” from SONIA & DISAPPPEAR FEAR’s “BLOOD, BONES & BALTIMORE”; “Immigrant (Fish Out of Water)” and “Better (When You’re Older)” from RYAN STATES’ “STRANGE TOWN”; “I Wanna Know” and “Freedom” from ROGER MAPES’s “HOUSE OF JOY”; “Legion of the Broken” and “Denial” from KEVIN WONG’s “THE PINK IN THE GREY”; “Georgia” and “Make Myself Laugh” from SEAN WIGGINS’ “NAKED THURSDAYS”; the title track and “No Scrubs” from AVI WISNIA’s “SOMETHING NEW”; “Best Kiss” and “Unstoppable” from KRISTIE STREMEL’s “COLOR OF STARS”; and “When the Hot Cools Down” and “Stupid Stuff Like That” from MIKE RICKARD’s “SWEAT”.
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