Book & Lyrics by Matt Sergi
Music by Kevin Wong


A too-familiar story of urban gentrification is dramatized, playfully, from the perspective of the buildings themselves. A high-class, old-diva Townhouse (1 actor, any type/gender) stands in a rundown area, wishing for a privi- leged artist-type (“Be My Pioneer”) to come and turn the neighbourhood around.

Suddenly, the block starts changing — and a fashionably superficial Highrise (1 actor, any type/gender) appears on the newly valuable land next door. The two image-conscious buildings, sharing too little space, make awkward small talk that quickly explodes into an egotisti- cal fight.

But as the too-fast “improvement” to the neighbourhood escalates, the Townhouse’s self-important frustration gives way to real fear, then real sadness, as all its original ten- ants are forced out of the neighbourhood.


Be My Pioneer
So High
You’re In My Light
Nothing We Can Do
Ivy Climbs
Termites and Bed Bugs
I Reflect
Nothing We Can Do (reprise)



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