Book by Matt Murray
Lyrics by Matt Murray & Kevin Wong
Book by Kevin Wong


Evie is the story of Evie James, an African American woman struggling to survive in the midst of one of the most difficult times in modern history. Set in a New York City Employment Exchange office, this typically dreary environment is disrupted by the arrival of a black woman dressed in vibrantly colourful clothes. This is Evie James; a single mother of one, who we discover, has nowhere else to turn. Of the three men in the waiting room, only one – vagabond Harold Young – takes any interest in this extremely out-of-place anomaly. A wildly curious being, Harold’s invasive conversation slowly cracks our heroine’s timid façade. As the onion peels back, we are transported into the breathtaking, tragic and inspiring story that is the life of Evie James.

SONGS (selected list)

It’s Gonna Rain
Tomorrow’s Another Day
Just One Dance
Ain’t That Something