Book & Lyrics by Ali Joy Richardson
Lyrics & Music by Kevin Wong


Believers is about a Catholic Youth Group and one girl’s struggle to be good in the eyes of her beloved church. 

Every Friday night, Dharma knows where she’ll be: in the circle of chairs in the basement of Holy Rosary Parish with her best friend Grace by her side. But when a new boy joins their Youth Group and captures Grace’s heart, the feelings that Dharma’s been suppressing for years become undeniable. Dharma has to fight harder than ever to prove her faith, while falling more and more in love with Grace. When her Youth Group gets invited to Praise Ablaze, a city-wide worship conference, Dharma is forced to make the choice between what she has been taught and the powerful truths inside of her.

Set within the high-intensity, emotional world of Catholic youth ministry, Believers brings together worship music, charismatic leaders, righteous teens, and matching Jesus t-shirts to tell one girl’s story of faith and liberation. 

For more information, please contact Kevin at kevin [ a t ] kevinwongmusic [ d o t ] com.


In 2018, Believers received a two-weeks workshop with the graduated class at the Randolph Academy of the Performing Arts.