Mother’s Lullaby

Mother's Lullaby
Alexis Gordon as the Mother (SummerWorks, 2014). Photo by Dahlia Katz.

A mother sings tenderly to her newborn child, trying to calm herself and him, before decided on his name.

Soprano: Key of F, Highest note: a ‘recurring’ F4.

Lyrics & Music: Kevin Wong. © WovenKing Music 2014

LYRICS (Click here)

Little fingers in a line,
Quiet breaths, a face divine.
I still can’t quite believe you’re mine,
My baby boy.
I wonder what your life will be:
An athlete? Or a klutz like me?
There’s nothing I can guarantee,
My baby boy.
Daddy can be harsh,
it may seem he never cared.
But, he wants the best like me;
He just dares not show he’s scared.
I wish so much, but where to start?
I hope you live with all your heart,
I hope you’re kind, and strong, and smart!
My baby boy.
Be good to those in need,
Be gentle, but direct.
Be fearless, but be safe.
Treat others with respect.
There’s nothing I can promise you,
what trials ahead you may go through;
But know that trouble passes too,
and life goes on,
then comes the dawn…
My baby, John.
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