In Real Life

Noah Beemer as Max in the 2018 CMTP reading, Oct 14-16. Photo by John Jones.

Book & Lyrics by Nick Green
Lyrics & Music by Kevin Wong


Every day, technology is becoming more a part of the way that we communicate, explore our identities, and learn about the world. As it continues to advance, technology breaks down boundaries, bringing us closer together in spite of geographical divides. That said, these very screens that are bringing us together are simultaneously pulling us apart.


In Real Life is a dystopian coming-of-age story about a young man trying to find a true connection in an increasingly technological world.



October 14-16, Festival of New Works, Canadian Music Theatre Project

Directed by Ali Joy Richardson
Music Directed by Chris Barillaro
Cast: Rylan Allen, Noah Beemer, Jodie Edmunds, Graeme Hugo, Gunho Kwak, Kennedy Ledingham, Greg Liow, Lia Luz, Katie Martin, Macayla Paris, Mikayla Stradiotto, Elise Wilson,


For any inquiries regarding this show, please contact Colin Rivers at Marquis Entertainment.

Cast of In Real Life (2018 Reading)
Photo by John Jones
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