Soft Magical Tofu Boys

Book, Lyrics, and Music by Kevin Wong

Commissioned by the Musical Stage Company in 2023 as part of the Aubrey & Marla Dan Fund for New Musicals


Three brothers live together. The eldest, Kenneth, is a struggling staff lawyer at a not-for-profit while raising his younger brothers. Calvin is a morose and withdrawn young teen who spends all his time making cheesy pop music and dreaming of a pop star. Little DiDi is 7, and lives almost entirely in a fantasy world where he draws in the air and dreams of being a mermaid. They all have a useless magical ability: to conjure the images and sounds they imagine into the air. All three of them are trying to find a place for a soft magical boy in a hard, unmagical world.

Developmental History

Musical Stage Workshop #1

May, 2023

Chris Lam, Colin Asuncion, Rosie Simon, Stephanie Sy, Michelle Yu, Timothy Ng

Director: Ray Hogg
Stage Manager: Joey Lau
Producing Company: The Musical Stage Company