Breaking Into Song Videos!

Hi all!

Here is a YouTube playlist of some selections from our songs (including three of mine) from our March 9, 2015 concert at Gallery 345, “Breaking Into Song: The Music of Scott Christian, Colleen & Akiva, and Kevin Wong”. More to be added as we go!

My songs are: They Never Saw Me (from Recurring John), performed by Amir Haidar, It’s Gonna Rain (written with Matt Murray), performed by Tringa Rexhepi, and 12 Steps (written with Sara Farb), performed by Rielle Braid.

Additionally, check out Colleen & Akiva’s song Feeling Called Love, expertly performed by Steffi Didomenicantonio!

Additionally, has conducted a lovely interview with me and Colleen & Akiva, which you can find here! Many thanks, Laura!

Interview: Canadian Contemporary Musical Theatre