#4 on OutVoice “Top 20 Albums of 2011”!

A huge thank you to fans, supporters, and OutVoice.net! I am #4 on OutVoice’s “Top 20 Albums of 2011” over a year following the release of “The Pink in the Grey”! Thanks again, and here’s to new music in 2012! http://www.outvoice.net/top20cdof2011chart.htm

Next Year (Free Holiday song)

A little ‘Holiday’ song I wrote because I was feeling wistful and um…optimistic (let’s go with that). Free for you guys as a thanks for voting for me all year! xoxoxo! NEXT YEAR (c) 2010 WovenKing Music (SOCAN/ASCAP) DOWNLOAD HERE Well, let’s face it friends, this year’s gone to the rats I’ve gained nothing more …